Take A Look At The 5 Best Free Graphic Design Programs

Modern technologies have significantly improved our lives and this why we can see the benefits of this progress in almost any area of human activity. From our every-day chores to the way in which we do business – technology is everywhere, and it usually provides us with tools to be more productive and more efficient. People who resist these new methods “will be assimilated” sooner or later since it is evident that “resistance is futile” if something is good to us and beneficial to our needs.

The same principle is visible in the world of graphic design, and this area is increasingly relying on technology. Sophisticated programs and modern apps are replacing pen and paper, and designers are now using sketchpads and tablets to present their ideas and to create their layouts. However, some of those programs can be expensive, and that is why we created a list with the best free programs which you can use to enhance your skills and become a better graphic designer.


VectrVectr is a tool that can help you with creating your 2D graphics and patterns, and this program is available in a browser-based version or as a stand-alone desktop app. Both versions will offer top-notch services, and that is why we recommend this useful piece of software. The intuitive and ergonomic design of the interface will make working with Vectr a real walk in the park.


An alternative to Illustrator, this highly capable program can handle SVG format with ease, which is useful and necessary in the world of modern graphic design. This program is available for Linux and Windows operating systems, and it offers a broad range of features, including alpha-blending, cloned objects, and so on.


PixlrEditing your images and layouts is a common task if you are a graphic designer, and that is why you will need a quick and efficient program for these tasks. Pixlr is a tool that offers more than 600 effects and overlays, and it can be used as an online photo editor as well. With a remarkable ease of use, Pixlr is available for both Android and iOS devices.


No list of free design software can go without GIMP, and this open source software is well-known in the computer world. It can be used on Linux, Windows, and Mac devices, and what is even more important – it contains an extensive set of tools and features. Also, GIMP offers excellent compatibility with various formats, and it can even mimic the looks and layout of Adobe Photoshop, which can be useful for some designers.


Since social media are “taking over the world,” every aspiring designer needs to have a tool that will allow him or her to quickly and efficiently prepare the content for sharing these social media platforms. Canva is the perfect solution for these needs, and besides being free, it also offers a whole range of other benefits, such as templates for social media designs, and so on.