Discover The Differences Between A Web Designer And A Graphic Designer

Designs come in all shapes and sizes, and every single item or an object that you can see in your environment has gone through some form of the design process. Without a suitable design, many of the stuff that we use in our day-to-day activities would not be functional and helpful, which means that they would quickly lose their purpose and eventually become obsolete.

The same principle applies to the area of web design, and the World Wide Web requires a lot of strategic thinking and planning when it comes to creating intuitive and efficient user interface. However, the terms “graphic designer” and “web designer” are not nearly the same thing, and although these professions are similar in a certain sense, a lot of things differentiate them and make them separate.

What Is The Role Of A Graphic Designer

What Is The Role Of A Graphic DesignerIt is sometimes difficult to establish the exact area in which graphic designers can operate, mostly because their activities are constantly changing and evolving. As we already mentioned, almost all areas of human activity are in need of some design process, and this gives graphic designers an opportunity to become involved in all sorts of sectors in our society.

But, when we talk about the duties and responsibility of a graphic designer, we will usually refer to the area of business. What this means is that they are the ones who create all the logos, brand images, promotional materials, billboards, signs, posters, and so on. In other words – advertising and marketing are hard to imagine without the presence of an efficient and experienced graphic designer.

Duties And Responsibilities Of A Web Designer

Duties And Responsibilities Of A Web DesignerUnlike graphics designers, web designers have a slightly narrow scope of work, and their field of operations is closely connected with computers and the Internet. In essence, they are in charge of creating and building websites and web pages, and because of the incredible rise of popularity of communication technologies – web designers have more and more work. Another element that sometimes differentiates them from graphic designers is that they have to use their analytical skills and strategic thinking to assemble the parts of an interface into a coherent and user-friendly unit, and this means that they often use less actual “drawing” and “painting” than graphic designers.


ConclusionWhen we consider all those differences and similarities, we can see that web designers are in charge of managing and creating various elements of a particular website while graphic designers are typically hired to produce engaging visuals for promotional purposes. When it comes to their median salaries, a web designer can make more money per yer (around $75.000) than the average graphics designer (around $45.000), but this factor is highly relative and depends on various elements. In essence, both professions require similar levels of creativity and imagination, but they are different regarding the levels of technological knowledge that you need to have to become a successful designer. However, hard work and determination can often make up for the lack of other skills so never give up on your dreams.