3 Leading Trends In Graphic Design

Graphic design is an area that is always moving, always evolving, and, to paraphrase the famous saying – change is the only constant in this field. A lot of factors can induce the change in graphic design, and no one can predict new trends with absolute certainty. Things come into the spotlight for various reasons, and they also disappear from the public eye as mysteriously as they arrive.

However, most experts agree that trends and styles in graphic design do not appear “all of a sudden” and that every phase in the evolution of the design principles lasts a few years, at least. It lurks somewhere in the shadows and hides in the corners, but sooner or later, it becomes mainstream, and we all hurry to accept this brand new style. Here are some of the trends which are currently dominating the world of graphic design, and it seems that they are here to stay for a couple more years, at least.

Modern Retro

Modern RetroIt seems that the 90s are back, and they are bringing a broad range of motifs with them. Of course, designers from all over the world are eager to exploit this opportunity, and they are creating layouts and concepts that are reminiscent of the end of the 21st century. Modern retro is associated with the nerdy look, and it seems that geeks and similar subcultures are taking center stage. Graphic designers are adding their twists to this topic, and they are usually creating impressive fusions of this “old” style with certain contemporary elements. Nerdy is the new cool, so get used to it.

Material Design

Material DesignGoogle introduced Material Design a couple of years back, but this design direction is still running strong. Although some experts call it Flat 2.0 since it strongly resembles this design concept, Material Design is gaining more and more followers. With the fundamental idea that “less is more,” designers are using negative space and geometric shapes to emphasize the essential elements of the layout. Therefore, the designs are minimalistic in their nature, and audiences seem to be in love with this simplistic approach. Also, bold colors and bright areas are often incorporated into the layouts that are designed in this style, and all of this adds a sense of excitement to the designs.

Illustrated Images

In the last couple of years, we could see that illustrated images are making a great comeback. As a matter of fact, what was sometimes considered childish, is now very stylish and adds a touch of nostalgia into certain design patterns. Hand-drawn characters and images bring warmth and familiarity into the layout, and we can easily personify ourselves with goofy and relaxed heroes and heroines of these designs. The human element of illustrated images is their primary weapon in the battle for supremacy in the design world, and it seems that we are becoming tired of cold and robot-like shapes and patterns. Small and lovely illustrated images, accompanied by charismatic characters and interesting storyline, are certainly the future of graphic design.